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Lu'Lu' Bag is delivering a new way to treat yourself. We all know about monthly or quarterly magazine subscriptions, and the monthly beauty boxes but we at Lu'Lu' Bag are making it easy to treat yourself to a subscription that will help you look and feel good whilst at the same time staying modest.

For our Hijab wearing customers the bag will typically contain accessories such as undercaps, hijab pins, headbands or jewellery. The customers that don't require underscarves will receive their Lu'Lu Bag containing a scarf with complimenting accessories. After ordering leave us any instructions or requests on our contact us page.

Giving a Lu'Lu' Bag as a gift is a great idea, just provide us with a personal message and the address of the recipient and we will do the rest.​

There are three different options/styles to choose from when ordering. Lu'Lu' Classy is elegant colours and minimalist prints along with some traditional and refined pieces. We also have the Lu'Lu' Funky style with bold prints and colours, modern and trendy pieces. And the last one is Lu'Lu' Blend which mixes it all up and delivers a little bit of everything.

The biggest attraction of Lu'Lu' Bag is the element of surprise, even if we do give ideas and pictures as examples. Have a look in our gallery or on our social media accounts for examples of our Lu'Lu' Bags which will also help you choose a style.