Welcome to Lu'Lu' Bag
Your Subscription Bag with a Difference!

Lu'Lu' Bag presents to you a touch of style all wrapped up in a gift bag. You can expect to find some beautifully customised bags which include a scarf and accessories to match. You can also sign up for a scarf bag which includes two scarves and a sweet treat for that extra special touch!

Who is Lu'Lu ' Bag for?

Geared towards ladies who use scarves daily and who would appreciate a new selection every month or towards ladies who simply like to add a touch of snazz to their outfits
A range of subscriptions are available, as well as the option to buy the Lu'Lu' Bag once or whenever you feel like a little treat, read more about the options available.


All Our Lu'Lu' Bag Options Include Postage!
We dispatch the Bags on the 1st and 16th of each month.

What others have to say about Lu'Lu' Bag:
""I received my bag today and just had to email you to tell you how much I love it. It's my work Christmas do on Friday night and I've changed my outfit to match my beautiful jewellery. Thanks so much!" Caroline

"Just received our first parcel... Maa’Shaa Allaah delightful, just a lovely combination, very enterprising idea, great presentation and attention to detail, Well Done! Now there will be a tussle over who gets to wear it all first!!!!!!, Noor"
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